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Staff Application Template [MUST READ]

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:52 pm
This template will be used for your application to the CGN Staff Team. The following points below are the guidelines for your application, if you do not follow these guidelines, your application will more than likely be declined. Give your best effort, follow the template and guidelines, and we look forward for you to potentially be a part of our team. Good Luck!
Do NOT post more than one application.

Do NOT copy someone else’s application.

You must have 6-7 hours on the server

Put [Name’s] Staff Application in your title for the application.

Your Name in team speak should be the same name you use for your application.

You can not have a ban that was active within the last 3 months. For example, if you are banned July 7th for a day and then try to become staff on October 6th, you will not be accepted.

Must speak English, does not have to be first language but in order to communicate with our player base, you have to speak our language.

If you put in a application and you get denied or do not get promoted within fourteen days after joining our staff team, you will be able to reapply in thirty days.

You are apart of the team that holds this server together and you are the ones people look up to. You must act professional 110% of the time.

Do NOT advertise your Staff Application.

If you are staff on another Community DO NOT even think about applying.

Steam Name :

Steam ID ( :

Age :

RP Name :

Availability :

Previous Staff Experience :

How long have you played on our server? :

How did you first hear about Cipher Gaming Networks? :

Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? :

Why do you feel you should be accepted to the staff team? :

Rate yourself on a scale 1-10 on how well you work with other people. Why do you rate yourself there? :

Do you understand and know all of our rules?

Do you understand that if you get accepted you need to have teamspeak?:

Do you have a mic? :
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