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DarkRP Server Rules

on Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:00 pm
DO NOT ABUSE /name Command
NO Gross and Sexual names
NO Rude names

2.) NO RDM.


4.) No RACISM. Slurs are Bannable.




8.) Any intent to harm and/or threats towards other players in the community.

9.) Knowingly exploiting unintentional game mechanics and/or hiding their existence.

10.) Leaving punishments or assisting others with evading punishments.

11.) Bending of the rules or attempts to find or abuse loopholes within the rules.

Basing Rules:
No Blackout bases, Crouch, Prop climbing bases.
Only own 1 building at a time, unless you are a gang of 6
Mega Bases are allowed if you have a group of 6
Only can have 3 fading doors per person
Keypads are set to open door for 7 seconds.
No Invisible Props.
One-way-props are allowed solely for viewing/building purposes only.
Every fading door must have a corresponding button/keypad visible from and next to the door it operates.
Keypads may not have initial delay
No floating bases
All bases must be supported from the ground to the bottom of the base
You may only build in your base
You may NOT build on or in the middle of the street
This includes text screens, KOS lines, etc.
You may build a base at the end tunnels (Slums area tunnel and suburbs area tunnel).
When purchasing the entirety of a hotel/apartment, you must own all the doors, and have 1 entity in each room.
Fading-door abuse is prohibited
Abusing the use of your fading door bind to open and close a fading door during a raid, or in a RP situation.
You are not allowed to build during an active raid on your base, you must wait for the raid to be called over.

RP General Rules:
Do not RDM (random deathmatch).
Before killing someone, you must have a reasonable roleplay reason:
EX. If they have caused damage to you or raiding your base, etc.
You may not kill someone for following you

Do not RDA (random arrest).
Before arresting someone, you must have a reasonable roleplay reason:
EX. Breaking a law such as owning guns without a gun license, etc.
This does not apply if they are shooting in defense (EX. A merchant is defending their base from a raid).

Always follow NLR (new life rule).
NLR is when you forget everything in your past life once you die.
During NLR, you must wait a minimum of 5 minutes before returning to your place of death.
Government officials, if killed during a PD raid, may return back after a 3 minutes.

Metagaming is not allowed.
Metagaming is the act of using outside or previously gained knowledge for personal gain or advantage.
An act of metagaming would be if a hitman walked into your shop, and because you read that they are a hitman, and because of that they appear to have ‘Hit Accepted!’ above their head, you decide to not treat them like a regular customer.

Scamming is not allowed.
Scamming is defined by breaking a verbal or written agreement between players.
An act of scamming is if you are a merchant and someone pays you for a said shipment, and you do not supply the said shipment, and then proceed to keep their money it would be considered a scam.

Default Laws;
Do not attack or assault anyone except in self-defence
Do not steal or break into people's homes (RAID/MUGGING/KIDNAPPING)
Money printers/Bitminers/drugs are illegal

Law Blacklist (anything on or similar to this list are prohibited)
A law regarding ‘Jaywalking’
Any KOS laws are not allowed.
Any law relating to one group of people.
Any law that supports a biased President (putting orgs above rules, putting aos on an org, etc)
Any law that breaks a server rule
Any law that hinders roleplay heavily (must always run, cannot jump, etc)

Kidnapping Rules:
You must /advert KIDNAP to initiate the kidnap on a desired player
Must be in a secluded area away from players
You may charge a ransom for a victim's release
Max Ransom: $10,000
You may only hold someone for up to 10 minutes
If it reaches the max kidnap time, and no one has paid ransom, you must let them go

Mugging Rules:
You must always /y Mug to initiate the mug.
Max Mug: $2,500
You must give the victim 10 seconds to respond
You may kill them if they try to shoot you, run away, or do not comply with your demands AFTER 10 seconds

Raiding Rules:
You must always /advert Raid prior to the beginning of your raid, this is for transparency purposes and is considered out of character (using the advert to your advantage of defense is considered metagaming).
Raids must be initiated outside of a bases schematic
Stacking adverts / warnings (/advert /y mug|raid|kidnap|raid|etc) is not allowed.
When commencing a counter raid, you must /advert Counter.
You cannot steal items which are critical for someone to fulfil their job, they may be destroyed however.
These items include cash registers, etc.
Once the raid is over, you cannot raid the same base until 10 minutes have passed.
Raids can only last up to 15 minutes, once a raid has reached this time limit, it is over and the raider(s) must leave.
Hitmen are allowed to raid, however, only to kill their intended target.
When Hitmen are raiding, they cannot steal, touch or destroy any property or allow others to.
You must always /advert PD RAID prior to the beginning of a PD raid, this is for transparency purposes and is considered out of character
You may only raid the PD with a party of 4 or more.
10 minute raid cooldown still applies
PD raids may only be initiated in order to “break-out” a member of your organization, party, or coinciding job.
This does not apply to Terrorists

Banned Bases:
Blackout bases
Bases that are seamless, and no sense of direction
Hit-box abusing
Bases designed to exploit the hitbox system to gain an advantage over players
Obstacle bases
Bases that have entries that require you to jump/crouch
Drop / pit bases
Bases designed to trap players upon attempting to raid
Bases designed where you can shoot them, and they can’t shoot back.

Textscreen Rules:
Players that are building may place a “building/under construction” sign, disallowing other players from their base, however, please note:
To have this sign, you must not have any sort of items and/or entities within your base such as shipments, printers, cash registers, food, weapons, etc.
Typical base rules firmly apply when the base has valuables.
You must be actively building a base and once you are finished, you must remove the building sign.
Text screens must be a minimum size of 50
You are not allowed to blend your text screen into the background of the building. Do not change the opacity of the text screen either.
No racist or discriminatory terms/ideals in your text screen.

Job Rules:
These jobs CAN raid;
Police / SWAT
With warrant
All criminals
Terrorist Leader and Terrorist can only RAID the PD
Hitmen may only raid to kill their target
Combat medic
Thug, Coca Plant Farmer, Meth Cook, and Pimp may NOT raid
Dead Man Walking may only raid to assassinate/kill the President

These jobs CAN base;
All criminals
Dead Man Walking may NOT base
All merchants
All entertainers
Pianist may NOT but may play their piano inside bases
All general
Hobos may only base on sidewalks and alleyways (public areas)

These jobs CAN mug;
Only Thug,Gangs,and Kidnappers may mug other players

Government Rules:
He may not commit any sort of crime
He must remain unbiased at all times
He can only base in the PD
He can approve/create checkpoints
A checkpoint cannot have more than 1 fading door and it must be linked to two buttons.
He may not create laws that hinder roleplay
He may charge for gun-licenses
Max charge is $5,000

Lockdown Rules (to call lockdown: /lockdown | to end lockdown: /lockdown then /unlockdown):
Lockdowns can last up to 5 minutes maximum with a 5 minute cooldown.
Must give everyone 2 minutes to return to their homes (Hobos are unaffected by lockdowns).
Must give a valid reason for lockdown in a /broadcast after being called (example: PD Raid, Terrorism, Mass Law breaking/revolt against Gov. etc.)

They may request warrants and arrest players if they have sufficient proof of them committing a crime;
Example: blatantly seeing someone's printers through a window
They must enforce laws
They may NOT commit any sort of crime
If a player is avoiding arrest, they may KOS that player
Example: running after already being handcuffed, etc.
They may only weapon check with a player’s consent in RP chat
May weapon check without consent in government operations (PD, Checkpoints)

They can only base in the PD
They may not commit any sort of crime
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